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    Tea of Light: white peach, almond oolong, ginger, strawberry accents

    When I first opened the bag it smelled delicious - a very strong nutty aroma mixed with the smell of peaches and strawberries. After brewing the smell was still there but much more delicate, which I liked (In the bag it’s a little too strong to be the Tea of Light) It’s a very light and mellow tea, with a peachy aftertaste. I think the only thing is that I couldn’t taste any ginger, idk what do you guys think? I could up the ginger ratio.

    Tea of Hope: vanilla oolong, spiced apple chai, toasted sesame, coconut

    I was little put off by the smell at first - it’s very strong and I think most of it came from the spiced apple chai. After brewing the smell was much nicer, but I wasn’t sure about the flavor until I added a little agave sweetener and almond milk, and then everything really came together. I’d suggest steeping this tea longer than Adagio suggests and adding cream and sugar for the full effect. I’ve also seen some Adagio customers say they enjoy brewing their chais in milk.

    All in all not bad for our first time blending teas! (And I’m a fan of how the teas look in general: pink strawberries for Kari and white coconut like Angemon’s feathers for TK)

    (Reminder: if you’d like to buy some tea from Adagio and it’s your first time we can send you a coupon!)

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