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Monikers: Annie, Em
Occupation: terrible art graduate, bread knife lawyer

Once in a blue moon if the donuts are in alignment I make things.

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  • feministdisney:


    I love how everyone gets mad at Disney for white washing their movies and giving white features to persons of color and Japan is over there like : 

    imageJapan dont give two shits if they write their characters as oriental but are designed as if they are white. And no one over there gives a single fuck. They just like the designs and everyone is kumbaya

    A) Japanese people don’t agree that they’re “designed as if they are white,” that’s a matter of perception ( you think they are white, because you’ve been inundated with the idea that default character design = white, which isn’t a universal experience. See linked article for more info)

    B) oriental? really.

    C) way too often people assume that because they’re not aware of a discussion, the discussion never existed. I highly doubt that in a country of 127 million people, no one has ever debated over character designs and race. That sort of logic of “no one over there cares and they all never talk about it, since I never heard of them doing so” reduces a huge group of people to a hive mind for the sake of your argument.

    My apologies though if you went to Japan and had extensive conversations about this with people and actually know what you’re talking about, but it sounded like you were talking out of your butt.



    sometimes your 13-year old self teach you things. good things.

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    since I’m 18 now I had to call the hospital myself to get test results and I was simply planning on saying that I had a blood test last week and if I could get the results back but when the woman answered I said “I want my blood back” and hung up the phone, so I’m never trying that again



    "Gotta put on my mascara"





    the guy I dog-sit for just got a puppy and he’s havin a lil trouble with his ears

    he worked it out :]


    im waiting for the day i can use this as a reaction image and confuse everyone for a good 5-30 seconds before they get it



    Whew, done! Here’s a poster of western North American bird sound mnemonics. This one and my eastern one are in my store. Original is on my site here.